Green Drinks Leeds’ first event of 2010 didn’t look promising… a last minute realisation that The Brewery Tap had double-booked, and three messages from friends saying they now couldn’t make it didn’t conspire to make me that confident about how our new Wednesday format was going to work.

I needn’t have worried. Despite being in the noisier downstairs section, the evening was lively, and people arriving and leaving all evening, numbers were better than a glance at our tables would suggest. I lost count, but it was definitely over 20, perhaps 25 or so? There were at least 7 new faces, many of whom had found out about it face-to-face from other attendees, and conversation topics included composting, slugs, Leeds’ Urban Harvest project, and that was only what I was party to.

Thanks again for coming, and hopefully I’ll see you all (and whoever couldn’t make it tonight) next month!

Green Drinks Leeds’ first Christmas bash was a success, with a reasonable turnout, cakes, biscuits and a live band (Leeds’ very own “anal eco-warriors” Whiter Than).

How Green are you?

Regular Green Drinker Helen Sims asks the question with the aid of some Dulux colour cards

Whiter Than playing

Whiter Than played two rousing sets for us, though almost everyone was far too relaxed to stand up and move towards the front...

It all gets a bit blurry...

It gets a bit blurry at this stage of the evening

So there you have it… we’re hoping to continue the fun times, great conversation and making of new friends and business contacts through 2010, and we’d be really pleased if you can join us.