Give yourselves a round of applause…

January 28, 2010

Green Drinks Leeds’ first event of 2010 didn’t look promising… a last minute realisation that The Brewery Tap had double-booked, and three messages from friends saying they now couldn’t make it didn’t conspire to make me that confident about how our new Wednesday format was going to work.

I needn’t have worried. Despite being in the noisier downstairs section, the evening was lively, and people arriving and leaving all evening, numbers were better than a glance at our tables would suggest. I lost count, but it was definitely over 20, perhaps 25 or so? There were at least 7 new faces, many of whom had found out about it face-to-face from other attendees, and conversation topics included composting, slugs, Leeds’ Urban Harvest project, and that was only what I was party to.

Thanks again for coming, and hopefully I’ll see you all (and whoever couldn’t make it tonight) next month!

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