Green Drinks Leeds @ Drax – 23 August 2011

August 2, 2011

Green Drinks Leeds is off on its summer holidays, and best of all, you can come with us!

We’ll be going to the fascinating, and no doubt controversial, Drax Power Station…

The tour will begin at 6.45pm, until about 9pm (details on how to get there follow). We’ll be walking around the site, visiting the turbine hall and control room, and taking a minibus to the further reaches of the site, such as the cooling towers.

As you may know, Drax is the UK and Western Europe’s largest power station, generating 3,960MW (mainly from coal). This is 7% of the UK’s power generation, and the largest CO2 emitter in the UK.

however… Drax also has the largest biomass co-firing facility in the world, and is the most efficient coal fired power station in the UK per megawatt – they aim to reduce CO2 emissions by a further 15% in the future. we hope you’ll have lots of questions for them!


As this is a bit of a different event to the normal Green Drinks Leeds, we will be structuring it differently. Please book via Eventbrite. There is a booking fee of £1.15 (eventbrite’s, not ours!), and a refundable deposit of £20


We need to give names to Drax four days before the event for security purposes, and the numbers are strictly limited to 32.


Drax is approximately 45min from Leeds city centre by car, or an easy journey 60min by train to Selby and public bus. Unfortunately the public buses from Drax to Selby train station finish before our tour ends, therefore the 6 mile trip from Drax to Selby station for the 10.07pm train back would have to be done by local taxi.

There are 4 main methods people can travel and from the event:
Make your own way there and back
Offer a car share from Leeds city centre – please let us know if you can do this
Receive a car share – this can be requested via Green Drinks Leeds
Use a Greenbean Cars taxi from Leeds – we are partnering with Greenbean Cars, who are offering a discounted fare for us

If you offer a car share we will arrange for the people who you transport to pay petrol money.

Greenbean Cars are offering two cars to transport 8 people in total over to Drax and back to Leeds centre.

If you are being transported across (via car share or by Greenbean Cars), there will be a set cost for everybody whichever mode you use (approximately £10). This will be confirmed nearer the time, once we know how many people require car share / taxi. This cost will be taken off the deposit and paid direct to Greenbean Cars and the car sharers.


This month’s sponsors are Greenbean Cars and Environmental Sustainability Consultants PeopleProfitPlanet

Coming Soon

27 September – Andrew Hartley, Operations Director, CO2Sense

25 October – Julian Walker-Palin, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Asda Stores Ltd.

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