Apologies for the delay in getting information out,  but this month is an exciting one with not one, but two Green Drinks Panel Discussions

Improving Transport Sustainability in Leeds

On Tuesday 22 November, we will be dicussing Transport Sustainability in Leeds.

As a city of 750,000 people, and a regional capital, the demand for travel to & within the city is massive. With transport responsible for 27% of CO<sub>2</sub> emissions nationally (and a similar percentage within Leeds), mostly by car, how do we reduce transport’s impact, not only on CO<sub>2</sub> levels, but also on other aspects of Leeds social, economic & environmental sustainability?

Joining us to discuss the issues will be:

Lisa Brannan, Project Manager for UTravel Active, an innovative, cross-University project to promote sustainable travel among students, staff and members of the local communities around The University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University. UTravelActive runs the successful VeloCampus cycle hire scheme & produces travel guides and walking route maps.


Matt Barker, Corporate Manager at City Car Club.  Based in Leeds, they are a nationwide pay by the hour car hire company.  They are committed to sustainable travel, but recognise that at certain times it is useful to have access to a car so offer access to low-emissions cars.  Independent research by Carplus shows an average of 25 private cars are taken off the road for every car club car. This is because new members often sell their own car or defer buying one.  That means over 12,500 cars have been taken off the road by the City Car Club fleet.

The third panellist will be a transport representative from a local public sector body to be confirmed.

The session will be chaired by Green Drinks Leeds joint coordinator Anzir Boodoo who is undertaking research at the Institute for Transport Studies, The University of Leeds, and has worked with a number of Sustainable Transport campaigns at all scales from neighbourhood to global, and from grassroots action to Parliamentary Committee.

Sign up free at http://greendrinksleedsnov11.eventbrite.co.uk

5 Speakers, 5 Sectors, 1 Aim: Positive Action

We’ll also have a special session at the Leeds Summat, which is a gathering of local social and environmental campaign groups and others to discuss the big issues facing our city and our planet. This is on Saturday 26 November, and is not to be missed, as the Summat is a great place to meet and connect with people from across Leeds to create positive actions for the city and its environs.