With Economic Crisis hardly out of the news, and an increasing number of people drawing parallels between social, environmental and economic destruction; arguably the time has come to start thinking about how we view money, finance, economics and their role in wider society.

The Occupy Movement, active in over 2,000 cities worldwide, has been perhaps the most visible sign of a changing tide in how we view the interrelationships of money, power and society; but it’s not the only one.

For this month’s Green Drinks Leeds, we consider the question “How can the energy created by the Occupy Movement and Alternative Economics deliver environmentally sustainable change in our society?”

Joining us to help are:

This will be a Panel Discussion with a twist, the twist being that there will be a lot more interaction than in a normal debate, which we hope will help you really get your teeth into the issues.

As usual, the event is free and open, and we would encourage you to sign up here.

It’s on Tuesday 24th January, at The Lounge Bar & Grill, Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8JE. Arrive & mingle from 6pm, with discussion starting around 7.15, and conversation continuing late into the evening. Drop in or out as you feel.