* If you’re missing Great Green Banterâ„¢ anhd a chance to change the world, there’s no need to wait for the next Green Drinks Leeds… just scroll down to find out about Schumacher North on the 11th and 12th of February…

Our Alternative Economics workshop in January got around 60 Green Drinkers talking, and we’re continuing on an Econommic theme this month with “Green Nudge

The concept of Nudge has been gaining attention as a way of creating behavioural change in organisations, as well as in society at large. It recognises that we are not all rational, and often make decisions emotionally which sometimes run counter to the rational choice. Nudge uses psychology to help us become “Choice Architects” and effect positive changes in behaviour.

The workshop will be led by Green Drinks Leeds co-organiser Adam Woodhall, of PeopleProfitPlanet. Adam has worked with over 40 organisations, from large multinationals to small businesses and charities, to promote behavioural change.

Adam will share 10 tips for nudging, with some interesting behavioural change case studies, such as why Google’s Powermeter didn’t work, and how to get a great recycling campaign in your workplace; as well as talking about the psychology of denial and how behavioural and cultural change differ.

This will be a fully interactive session with opportunities to contribute, and followed, as per usual, with Great Green Banterâ„¢.

The event will be at the Lounge Bar, as per usual. Following negotiations, we will be staying there for the moment. Doors will open at 6pm, as usual, with the main event starting around 7.15

Please sign up on Eventbrite so we have an idea of numbers.

The Schumacher North conference returns to Leeds on the weekend of 11/12 February, with the theme “As If People Mattered“, echoing the subtitle of E. F. Schumacher‘s famous book “Small is Beautiful“.

The conference provides a forum for discussion and networking with others interested in sustainability and equitable solutions to the problems of the modern world. This year, the focus is on working towards practical solutions.

Both of Green Drinks Leeds’ organisers will be presenting workshops, with Adam presenting on “Ethical/green capitalism – solution or contradiction in terms?” on the Saturday, and Anzir on “A Carfree Leeds” on the Sunday.

For full programme information, see the website

To book, email schumachernorth-info@riseup.net