Tuesday 24 April from 6pm, The Lounge, Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8JE

Can politicians help deliver the change we need to reduce our impact on the environment
How do we get the leadership and commitment we need for make positive changes to the UK’s second largest local authority?

These are just two of the questions we’ll be considering as part of a “Question Time” style panel on the 24th of April. With the Local Elections and a Referendum on whether Leeds should have an Elected Mayor on the 3rd May, it’s a timely issue.

On the panel will be:

  • Conservative: Barry Anderson, Councillor for Adel & Wharfedale Ward
  • Green: Chris Foren, Green Party Candidate for Headingley Ward
  • Labour: Neil Walshaw, Councillor for Headingley Ward
  • Liberal Democrats: James Monaghan, former Executive Board Member with Responsibility for the Environment
  • Elected Mayor: Samuel Fisher, Leader of the Campaign for a “Yes” vote for an Elected Mayor in Leeds – http://leedsmayor.org

With representatives from across the political spectrum, there promises to be an interesting and lively debate.

As ever, it’s free and open – all we ask is that you sign up via Eventbrite