Tuesday 26 June from 6pm, The Lounge, Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8JE

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Matthew Hill

We’ve known for a long time how to make our buildings more comfortable, while using less energy at the same time, so why don’t we do it? What’s standing in the way of making our buildings better?  And how could we do something about it?

July’s Green Drinks will consider these challenges, and more, of building energy efficiency.

Summer is a great time to be talking about building energy efficiency.  For some, open windows let summer breezes cool their buildings, for others, buildings designed only to keep warm in the winter can be uncomfortable as the temperature rises.  Summer also gives you plenty of time to prepare for the winter energy blues.

This month we welcome Matthew Hill from Leeds Environmental Design Associates (LEDA), who will be talking about their approach to sustainable building design with examples of successful and not-so-successful projects they’ve been invoilved with in the last few years. We will then discuss the economic, technical and social barriers in creating “green” buildings and how we might overcome them.

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As usual, the event kicks off at 6pm with open networking, followed by the panel discussion at around 7.15pm, then our famous “go around” and drinks and chat for as long as people want to stay around (usually until about 11pm). It’s free and open, drop in and out as you can.