Tuesday 28 August from 6pm, The Lounge, Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8JE

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Garbage Warrior

Green Drinks Leeds is going to the movies in August, showing the Award-Winning Garbage Warrior, a feature length documentary telling the story of maverick architect Michael Reynolds, who builds sustainable housing out of what other people consider to be waste materials.

Our friends at Green Movies Leeds have shown Garbage Warrior before, with Green Movies organiser Helen Harwatt describing it as “an awesome film”

As usual for Green Drinks Leeds, it’s free to attend, although with it being at our usual venue of The Lounge, there won’t be popcorn!

Garbage Warrior Reviews:
**** Evening Standard London
**** Eye For Film: “You will leave the cinema thankful that there are people like Michael Reynolds about willing to challenge any status quo and put every ounce of their energy into working for what they believe in.”
Metro London: “Garbage Warrior shows you how to make a difference”
New York Times: “A charismatic, shaggy-haired renegade with a warm sense of humor, Mr. Reynolds makes agreeable company.”

Garbage Warrior Festival Wins:
The ‘Grand Jury Prize’ & the ‘Audience Award’ at EKOFILM 2009, Europe’s Environmental Film Festival
Winner of The Audience Award at Biografilm Festival, Bologna, Italy – June 2009

Garbage Warrior Movie Synopsis:
What do beer cans, car tires and water bottles have in common? Not much unless you’re renegade architect Michael Reynolds, in which case they are tools of choice for producing thermal mass and energy-independent housing.

For 30 years New Mexico-based Reynolds and his green supporters have devoted their time to advancing the art of “Earthship Biotecture” by building self-sufficient, off-the-grid communities where design and function converge in eco-harmony. However, these experimental structures that defy state standards create conflict between Reynolds and the authorities, who are backed by big business.

Frustrated by antiquated legislation, Reynolds lobbies for the right to create a sustainable living test site. While politicians hum and ha, Mother Nature strikes, leaving communities devastated by tsunamis and hurricanes. Reynolds and his crew seize the opportunity to lend their pioneering skills to those who need it most. Shot over three years and in four countries, Garbage Warrior is a timely portrait of a determined visionary, a hero of the 21st century.
As usual, we’ll be having a free and open discussion after the movie, and the usual networking. Please sign up via Eventbrite so we can get enough chairs!