Tuesday 22 January from 6pm, The Lounge Bar & Grill, Merrion Street LS2 8JE

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On 22 January, we’ll be back at The Lounge, when Andy Graham and Delton Jackson from Leeds City Council will be talking about the Aire Valley Urban Eco Settlement.

Andy and Delton will present the work undertaken by Leeds City Council’s Urban Design Team on part of the Aire Valley Urban Eco Settlement.  The talk explores work to understand the assets, heritage, sense of place and opportunities for the area and how this can help regenerate edge of city communities through active and attractive links and through championing quality of place, all aspects that are core to holistic sustainable development.

Andy is an Urban Designer/Planner/Conservation Officer in Leeds City Council with over 11 years work experience both in the UK and abroad. Andy now works on championing the highest quality of Urban Design and Sustainability in its widest sense.  From discussing paving options for City Centre Leeds, to saving old buildings, to commenting on planning Applications with what he believes to be holistic sustainability always forefront in his mind.  He is also a frequent expert witness at Planning Inquiries and sits on the NHS Board that aims to focus on how Planning can combat childhood obesity amongst other health issues’

Delton is an urban designer dedicated to creating places people like, which work well, and where people can live well indefinitely, by combining the best of the past with the best of the present to create the most compelling visions for a sustainable future. Working mainly in the public sector to improve the quality of development at all scales, Delton also has many years experience supporting national and international design organisations and agencies. The interests and well-being of community and the environment provide the focus and motivation for his work.

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