Green Drinks Leeds May 2013 – A Journey Back to Earth

May 8, 2013

Tuesday 28 May from 6pm, The Lounge Bar & Grill, Merrion Street LS2 8JE

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For our May event, we welcome John Cossham, the founder of York Rotters, a successful Master Composter scheme, will educate and entertain with his idiosyncratic account of how composting has a role to play in saving the planet. Well known for his OCD (Obsessive Composting Disorder), he’ll briefly go through the basics of what composting is, how best to do it, what can and can’t be composted, and how to use the compost once you’ve got some.

John’s been on telly with his home-made compost toilet, so if you suffer from faecophobia, the next section of the talk may not be for you.  Finally, John will explain how York Rotters operates, and share the secret about his anarchic ‘resources collection’. John will then answer questions on any composting-related subjects.

John is also joint organiser of Green Drinks York, and also appeared at our Winter Special in early 2012, teaching balloon modelling.

As usual, we encourage you to sign up on Eventbrite

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