Tuesday 25 May from 6pm, The Lounge Bar & Grill, Merrion Street LS2 8JE

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This month, we look at how the Region proposes to adapt to Climate Change, with a talk from Jon Clubb of Local Government Yorkshire & Humber and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Jon will set out some of the key risks and impacts for Yorkshire & Humber, together with recent and current examples of work to become more resilient and plans for the year ahead to broaden the scope of adaptation work that Your Climate, the Climate Change Partnership for Yorkshire & Humber, undertakes. It is a key year ahead with the publication of the National Adaptation Plan, activity under the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready programme and greater collaboration across the regions to share learning and expertise.

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Tuesday 28 May from 6pm, The Lounge Bar & Grill, Merrion Street LS2 8JE

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For our May event, we welcome John Cossham, the founder of York Rotters, a successful Master Composter scheme, will educate and entertain with his idiosyncratic account of how composting has a role to play in saving the planet. Well known for his OCD (Obsessive Composting Disorder), he’ll briefly go through the basics of what composting is, how best to do it, what can and can’t be composted, and how to use the compost once you’ve got some.

John’s been on telly with his home-made compost toilet, so if you suffer from faecophobia, the next section of the talk may not be for you.  Finally, John will explain how York Rotters operates, and share the secret about his anarchic ‘resources collection’. John will then answer questions on any composting-related subjects.

John is also joint organiser of Green Drinks York, and also appeared at our Winter Special in early 2012, teaching balloon modelling.

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Tuesday 23 March from 6pm, The Lounge Bar & Grill, Merrion Street LS2 8JE

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On 26 March, we welcome Dr Chiara Tornaghi, who will be talking about the Urban Food Justice programme. Urban Food Justice is an action research programme investigating and promoting socially and environmentally just food growing across the Leeds City Region. The project has reached the half way point, and Chiara will present the main outcomes so far and some possible directions for the future. Green Drinks Leeds participants will have the opportunity to evaluate these achievements and suggest directions for the remainder of the project and beyond.

Dr Chiara Tornaghi is a Researcher in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds, and runs the Urban Food Justice programme as well as contributing to the Feed Leeds initiative. She is a Sociologist with interests in Urban Space, Planning and has been involved in public food growing projects in Leeds for a number of years.

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With Economic Crisis hardly out of the news, and an increasing number of people drawing parallels between social, environmental and economic destruction; arguably the time has come to start thinking about how we view money, finance, economics and their role in wider society.

The Occupy Movement, active in over 2,000 cities worldwide, has been perhaps the most visible sign of a changing tide in how we view the interrelationships of money, power and society; but it’s not the only one.

For this month’s Green Drinks Leeds, we consider the question “How can the energy created by the Occupy Movement and Alternative Economics deliver environmentally sustainable change in our society?”

Joining us to help are:

This will be a Panel Discussion with a twist, the twist being that there will be a lot more interaction than in a normal debate, which we hope will help you really get your teeth into the issues.

As usual, the event is free and open, and we would encourage you to sign up here.

It’s on Tuesday 24th January, at The Lounge Bar & Grill, Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8JE. Arrive & mingle from 6pm, with discussion starting around 7.15, and conversation continuing late into the evening. Drop in or out as you feel.

Green Drinks Leeds is off on its summer holidays, and best of all, you can come with us!

We’ll be going to the fascinating, and no doubt controversial, Drax Power Station…

The tour will begin at 6.45pm, until about 9pm (details on how to get there follow). We’ll be walking around the site, visiting the turbine hall and control room, and taking a minibus to the further reaches of the site, such as the cooling towers.

As you may know, Drax is the UK and Western Europe’s largest power station, generating 3,960MW (mainly from coal). This is 7% of the UK’s power generation, and the largest CO2 emitter in the UK.

however… Drax also has the largest biomass co-firing facility in the world, and is the most efficient coal fired power station in the UK per megawatt – they aim to reduce CO2 emissions by a further 15% in the future. we hope you’ll have lots of questions for them!


As this is a bit of a different event to the normal Green Drinks Leeds, we will be structuring it differently. Please book via Eventbrite. There is a booking fee of £1.15 (eventbrite’s, not ours!), and a refundable deposit of £20


We need to give names to Drax four days before the event for security purposes, and the numbers are strictly limited to 32.


Drax is approximately 45min from Leeds city centre by car, or an easy journey 60min by train to Selby and public bus. Unfortunately the public buses from Drax to Selby train station finish before our tour ends, therefore the 6 mile trip from Drax to Selby station for the 10.07pm train back would have to be done by local taxi.

There are 4 main methods people can travel and from the event:
Make your own way there and back
Offer a car share from Leeds city centre – please let us know if you can do this
Receive a car share – this can be requested via Green Drinks Leeds
Use a Greenbean Cars taxi from Leeds – we are partnering with Greenbean Cars, who are offering a discounted fare for us

If you offer a car share we will arrange for the people who you transport to pay petrol money.

Greenbean Cars are offering two cars to transport 8 people in total over to Drax and back to Leeds centre.

If you are being transported across (via car share or by Greenbean Cars), there will be a set cost for everybody whichever mode you use (approximately £10). This will be confirmed nearer the time, once we know how many people require car share / taxi. This cost will be taken off the deposit and paid direct to Greenbean Cars and the car sharers.


This month’s sponsors are Greenbean Cars and Environmental Sustainability Consultants PeopleProfitPlanet

Coming Soon

27 September – Andrew Hartley, Operations Director, CO2Sense

25 October – Julian Walker-Palin, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Asda Stores Ltd.

Do you ever get frustrated that some people just don’t get it?

The focus of the next Green Drinks Leeds will be a fully interactive session. We will facilitate a conversation about how you can develop your ability to influence others to take action in the area of environmental sustainability. This might be in your personal or work/professional life, or through your support of charities or other NGOs.

You will work in small groups with the other attendees to consider what your challenges and opportunities are and how you might be able to take the next steps in getting some real traction.

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This is a change from the previously advertised event. Apologies, but Andrew Hartley is unable to speak this month, and will be joining us in September.

Also, on Tuesday 23 August, we will be convening at The Lounge for a tour of Drax Power Station. More details soon…

The next Green Drinks Leeds is back at our city centre home, The Lounge on Merrion Street, on Tuesday 26 April from 6pm

We’ve had an excellent start to 2011, with an average of over 70 Green Drinkers at our first three events. This month, we have another excellent speaker, in the shape of Chris Johnston from TIDAL, one of the major campaigning organisations in Leeds, who will be speaking on How to build a social movement.

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With a new venue, and the September date fast approaching, we decided it was high time that we posted something to let people know of our plans! The next Green Drinks Leeds takes place on the 28th September, which is a Tuesday, at Reform Bar, a lovely little bar on Merrion Street @ 6pm – right around the corner from Sela! Whilst it was with a heavy heart that we moved on from Sela, we retain good links with the bar, and are pleased to announce that you will be able to purchase pizzas from Sela bar for delectation in Reform! We are assured that there will be a fine selection of drinks for your consumption at Reform, alongside a toe-tapping playlist, all you require for much discussion and conversation about #greenissues!

We hope to see you all there, and look forward to the 28th!


If you don’t know where Reform is, here are DIRECTIONS:
Reform Bar is near to Mojo’s. If you are not familiar with the area, go up New Briggate (past our old venue Sela) and take a right just round the corner from the Grand Theatre and Gatecrasher Seven and down the narrow one way street. You will find Reform on the left hand side.


Also, whilst you take the time to read this post, note these dates in your diary for the next two fun months of Green Drinks Leeds!

Upcoming Dates:
Tuesday: 26th Oct, 23rd Nov

We’re pleased to announce that the next Green Drinks Leeds will be in our new home, Sela Bar, on New Briggate, from 6pm on the 28th of April 2010. After repeated double-bookings at The Brewery Tap, we now have a private bar with our own barman, and there’s even tea and cakes!

It’s also the first anniversary of Green Drinks Leeds since we took over, so we’re having a bit of a celebration, so come on down to our shiny new home on the 28th!

upstairs at
Sela Bar
20 New Briggate

Green Drinks Leeds’ first Christmas bash was a success, with a reasonable turnout, cakes, biscuits and a live band (Leeds’ very own “anal eco-warriors” Whiter Than).

How Green are you?

Regular Green Drinker Helen Sims asks the question with the aid of some Dulux colour cards

Whiter Than playing

Whiter Than played two rousing sets for us, though almost everyone was far too relaxed to stand up and move towards the front...

It all gets a bit blurry...

It gets a bit blurry at this stage of the evening

So there you have it… we’re hoping to continue the fun times, great conversation and making of new friends and business contacts through 2010, and we’d be really pleased if you can join us.